Born in St. Petersburg in 1986.

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (TSHR).



2020- Teacher of creative disciplines at the Higher School. Restorer. (Postgraduate study at SPBGiK)

2017- SPB University Technology and Design, "Design of the spatial environment."

2008- SPb State University of Culture and Arts, "Art Therapy".


She studied at the workshops of artists A. Kondratiev, V. Shragi.

She graduated from the Military Revolutionary Academy at the Academy of Fine Arts. Repin.


Has the first pedagogical qualification category.



2017- I place. Government of St. Petersburg. Committee on Environmental Protection.

Nomination "City Ecology". Recycle project installation: recycling garbage into a piece of modern art.

2016 - D.Harms Prize Laureate

2014- competition of young artists "The Muse Must Work", winner, nomination: Debut, breakthrough, hope.

2007- poetry contest "Therefore", laureate, nomination: "Experimental poetry"


2020- graphic from the series “Walking around the hospital,” in a private collection by Vladimir Dubossarsky(Moscow), Yuri Shtapakov (St.Petersburg)

2020- “House with a red stripe”, in a private collection of Julia Borodina, Russia, St. Petersburg "Milk", in a private collection of Catherine Kim, Russia, St. Petersburg

2019- "House in a mountain landscape", in the open collection of Natalia Shersteneva, Russia, St. Petersburg

2018- "Lilith", in a private collection of Jacob Kalmens, Russia, St. Petersburg

2017- "Needles", in a private collection of Pim Zweir, Netherlands

2017- "Three Graces", in a private collection of Arthur Aristakisyan, Russia. SPb

2016- series "Urban-Moscow", in the open collection of the Borey gallery, St. Petersburg

2011- "Composition # 1", in the open collection of the House of Composers, Russia, St. Petersburg

Selected solo exhibitions:

2019- "Do not jump from the side. There is no way out.", VnutriGallery, St. Petersburg

2018- "Construction Primitives", ArtCenter Pushkinskaya, 10, St. Petersburg

2016- "Your Inner House", Artmuz Gallery, St. Petersburg

2016 - “Observing Natural Phenomena”, Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg

2016 - “The Sensation of Time”, Experimental Art Garden, St. Petersburg

2015 - “Nadia Albul. Graphics ", gallery" Art.Object ", St. Petersburg

2015 - “Invitation to view”, Gallery “Door” (Pushkinskaya, 10), St. Petersburg

2012 - “5 minutes before the start of summer”, “Matisse Club”, St. Petersburg

2012 - “No Name?”, Academy of Audiovisual Art M.A.A.V.I, St. Petersburg

2011 - “Avantgarde-art”, House of Composers, St. Petersburg

Curatorial projects:

2018- "Exhibition of two women who decided that they are artists", 10 Pushkinskaya

2016-17 "City: environment, buildings, characters", Residence of Arts and Technologies of the Quarter, St. Petersburg

2016 - “Orientation of Cinderella in the mixed forest”, FoSSart Gallery, St. Petersburg

2015 - “Artist's Diary”, as part of the city literary festival, Moscow

Selected group exhibitions:

2020- "Winter here", Moscow Museum,Moscow

2019-Sam Fair, St.Petersburg

2019- "Moskvomorfozi", Moscow Museum, Moscow

2019- "Hat. Art of St. Petersburg.", Museum of them. F.I. Chaliapin, St. Petersburg

2018- “World Bench”, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2018- "Day of the Frozen Black Soil", city environmental festival, Voronezh.

2017- Windows Windows, Zverev Museum of Modern Art, Moscow.

2017- urban festival ArtePunctura, Arts4City, St. Petersburg

2017- “ECO art”, Museum of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg

2017- Art Fair, Finland

2017- "Latecomers to the Ark", CIT Center, Moscow

2016- "Postcard print biennale", contemporary art gallery "Grafcom Kazan", Kazan-Cheboksary.

2016 - “Reconciliation”, cultural and educational center on Marat 64, St. Petersburg

2016 - “Earthquake Worker”, Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art named after Diaghilev, St. Petersburg

2016 - Biowoman, Canada

2015 - SUPERMARKET, Stockholm

2015-2017 –Ecological biennale KIA, St. Petersburg

2014-2017 - regular group exhibitions, Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg

2013 - “Circle of communication”, gallery “Master Class”, St. Petersburg

2006-2020 - regular group exhibitions and auctions, Matisse Club Gallery, St. Petersburg

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